We Create the Unexpected.

40NORTH is a full service landscape design and planning practice that specializes in designing one-of-a-kind outdoor environments for a variety of clients around the world. Our project types are diverse: Resort and hospitality projects, luxury residential properties, urban design, corporate headquarters, farms, bars, restaurants, and private islands. Our clients are equally diverse: private individuals, private companies, developers, publicly held corporations, architects and designers, foreign wealth funds, and governments. Our goal is to produce creative, exciting, engaging end results for every client, every time. The services that we provide at 40NORTH range from conceptual planning and visioning, to design development and construction documents, as well as site administration and project coordination for the outdoor environments we design.


40NORTH turned 10 years old last summer.

We’ve worked hard and had our fair share of good luck. We’ve really put our hearts into the projects we’re lucky enough to work on. Our best projects ever are on the boards and in hard drives around the world. 

We don’t sell widgets, we sell ideas. We design landscapes and make a point to enjoy the process, drawing and communicating with others, often about improving the outdoor spaces we live in. We continually refine our craft by observing and experiencing the world around us. We take pictures. We research stuff. We pull all nighters sometimes. We are not robots.

Each project has a unique character or signature – a formula or pattern that evolves as the project is refined in the design and construction process. These projects transition from idea to conversation to documentation to construction to reality. Getting a project built right should be challenging for everyone involved, and engaging others and bringing out the best in a project is why we do what we do.

We emphasize that the formula for each project requires a lot more than creating a Pinterest board. It’s a combination of thoughts, ideas, experiences, and a thousand other unconscious processes we may not even be aware of. All of these factors work together from-the-sketchbook-to-the-REVIT-model-to-the-final-walkthrough-with-the-Client, during the evolving design process of each project we undertake at 40NORTH.

Above everything, we strive to reconnect people to nature.




The Client   The projects we’ve worked on   The photos we’ve taken   The local materials available   The political environment   Geographic location   The places we’ve been   Regional architecture   The places we want to go   The project schedule   People we collaborate with   The men we’ve known   Ownership   The guest experience   The stories we’ve heard   The design team   The designers we admire   Where we grew up   Site analysis   The music we’re listening to   The people we’ve met along the way   The project budget   Our family   The materials available   The travel required   The people we used to work for   The cost of infrastructure   The small towns we grew up in   The surrounding environment and habitat   Who we support   The historical context   The hotel operator   What we think about before we sleep   The Owner   Local customs and beliefs   The people we surround ourselves with   The Pakistani cricket team  The regional construction methods   The changing weather   Social Media   The Pink Floyd   The food we eat   The cold beer we drink   The price of Brent crude  The construction schedule   The books we’re reading   What the locals eat  The potential impacts of development   The mentors we’ve had   The magazines we flip through   Historical context   The creative spark   The power required   The feasibility study   The job sites we’ve worked on   The social cost of development   How we communicate   The design program of the project   The food that we grow   Color   Who or what inspires us   People who we used to work at 40NORTH   Pattern and texture   The scale of the project   Value Engineering   The experts   Some of the people that we work for now   The books we’re trying to read   The view from the office window   The War on Terror   The rainfall we got last year   The Bottomless Briefcase   Our favorite football club

Our Design Process

Man has been drawing with his hands for over 50,000 years. We are continuing that tradition.

We still draw when we can. Though we use the latest software and technology to communicate with Clients and others during the design process, we still use drawing as a problem solving tool every single day. In an increasingly digital business environment, we find it important and critical to combine traditional methods of thinking and problem solving with current communication and documentation tools available to designers. Drawing gives ideas context and subtlety, and we work to foster this approach in our design process. We draw during coordination meetings as a communication tool not a presentation tool. Its gets the project down the road faster and incorporates everyones ideas “in the moment” rather than returning to our offices and sending out documents later.

We don’t ship our presentation illustration work to China, sometimes we use this guy in Denver. Our version of Voodoo Economics.

We are making a commitment to REVIT, as well as other SketchUp, AutoCad, and Adobe Suite programs in the documentation process which include design sketches, plans, sections, and illustrations. BIM modeling is changing business models, and result is a thorough vetting of design ideas, and an incorporation of abstracted local and traditional construction materials, textures, patterns, color, or subtle cultural milieu into each project. We don’t pull our ideas or details out of a box, and each one of our projects in unique and bespoke to that site, client, and region.




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We get our hands dirty.

Our Headquarters is located on a 35 acre working farm in the Midwest of the United States of America. We communicate daily with clients and design consultants around the globe on world-class hospitality projects.

Our US headquarters is located north of the metro Kansas City Area, and 10 minutes from a major international airport. When designing and building this 3 story structure we tried to be as responsible as possible in the selection of the construction materials and design of the office building, not for the certificate but because it was the right thing to do. It faces east to the morning sun over fields of brome hay and angus cattle. Experimental architecture abounds, with chicken coops, goat houses, and US Forestry spec cabins clustered around the office. Jonestown + Taliesen, minus the grape Kood-Aid. The property is a base camp for wayward friends and family, and is also the location for Katie’s company, Farmfare.

We don’t have a company motto, but five things we strive for every day are to:

1) Have fun
2) Be creative
3) Be independent
4) Be honest
5) Be profitable

It’s 2014, and with the right combination of hard work, resources, and luck you can be anywhere in 24 hours. We work remotely and travel when project milestones require it. Our hotel rooms become satellite offices, and as the project is under construction we often find ourselves on the job sites easing the transition between architecture and landscape, between the documents and the reality on the ground. When we’re finished we return to basecamp and focus on the work and family, rather than the hour commute to the office and the ice cream birthday parties for the Accounting department.

  • 40NORTH is founded

    John Galloway starts 40NORTH in August after 10 years at EDSA in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The first office was located in the mother-in-law cottage house behind the our residence in FLL. The first couple of projects were in the Ft. Lauderdale area and assisting a developer master plan Windermere Island, just off the island of Eleuthera. I spent 2 weeks in an abandoned resort owned by the client, spending my days doing a tree survey for the island and my nights listening to the waves break in the dark.

  • First Built Project

    Located in the Arts District of Miami, GRASS Lounge in Miami, Florida is designed and built within the course of 8 weeks. In 2006 40NORTH was also headfirst into it's first large resort development, The Luxor Hilton Resort. This hotel was built in the 1980's and was due for a refurbishment. Based upon our experiences in Dubai working on the Madinat Jumeirah Resort and the Park Hyatt Dubai, we also started working on new projects in the UAE for new clients and developers.

  • 35 Acre Farm

    In 2007, 40NORTH moved to a 35 acre farm north of the Kansas City International Airport (MCI) and began design and construction on a new building for their headquarters. From a professional standpoint the transition to the Midwest was seamless because of the location of our projects. Culturally however, after more than a decade in Fort Lauderdale the transition to a small agriculture-based community was challenging and much-needed. At the end of 2007, 40N began design work on our biggest project to date, the One&Only The Palm.

  • 40NORTH Headquarters built

    DSC_0050The office started construction in 2006, and 18 months later the project was completed and we moved into the 70 sq meter space overlooking the brome fields and pond on the farm. in 2008 we had many projects on the boards including some that had stopped and started due to the global financial crisis. This same year, the Luxor Hilton Resort & Spa opened on the banks of the Nile River, as well as an expansion to the spa on the property. The Luxor Hilton was the largest hotel renovation project completed by 40NORTH at that point in time.

  • In 2009 things got weird.

    Development and real estate markets continued to dry up in 2009, and with our move to the Midwest 40NORTH continued the first of several opportunities to collaborate with Hufft Projects on new residences in the US. The CURVED WALL HOUSE and the HEAVY METAL residences both garnered numerous national awards as being among the countries examples of the best in residential architecture. We had ongoing projects in Dubai and Turkey that kept the creative engines running at the office. We fared better than most of the industry.

  • One&Only The Palm Opens

    The One&Only The Palm resort opens in the Emirate of Dubai, culminating over 4 years of design work on one of the iconic hotels of Dubai. Located on the Palm Jumeirah, Travel + Leisure rated it top 50 New Hotel for 2011. The last 10 days of completion up to the Opening Party on 10/10/10 was very intense. 16 hour days, team morning meetings, walk throughs in 105F heat, inspections, site reports, and mad scrambles to nurseries in Khawanej and Fujeirah searching for the right plant material.

  • We got into the development business.

    In the summer of 2011 Katie and I bought a bar (with another investor) in a nearby small town, and over the course of 4 weeks we demolished, redesigned, rebuilt, and rebranded the 40 year old business. We continued to operate the business for 12 months and then sold our interest in the business. It was a very challenging experience and along with generating revenue and gaining experience, we helped create a successful business that is a source for jobs and cold beers for locals. The projects were smaller in 2011, but we continued to thrive in the wake of the global financial crisis.

  • Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires

    40NORTH began design work on the Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires, Argentina in the first week of January 2012. By mid November 2012 the first phase of the hotel including the outdoor areas was re-opened to the public. This was a new hotel operator, new client, and a new market for the company. It was a challenging design and construction program, including the fact that the hotel remained operational throughout the extensive renovation. We had the opportunity to work with EDG of San Francisco, WAI of Dubai, and Sanchez Elia Architects of Buenos Aires on the project.

  • 2013 was a blur.

    2013 was a very busy year for 40NORTH. We had projects on the boards all over the place, both in the US and abroad. The Four Seasons in Buenos Aires was completed, several projects started construction, and we narrowly avoided being in a coup in Egypt in June 2013. In September we kicked off exciting new projects in Tunisia and Istanbul, and ended the year on a high note.

  • 2014

    2014 is proving to be a transitional year for the company. 40NORTH has several high profile projects on the boards in Tunisia, Istanbul, Dubai, and the US. We are working with hotel operators and owners of these properties to create new hospitality experiences for hotel guests and private families. Refurbishment projects for historic and culturally significant properties continue to capture our imaginations, exploring new design directions within long-established architectural styles and patterns. Most of all we're having fun and continuing to be creative.

Our headquarters is located on a 35 acre working farm north of Kansas City, Missouri in the central United States of America. Local farmers call it the Garage Mahal. We call it #Basecamp.


Where We Work


These projects are complicated often in remote sites requiring extensive travel, working with design consultants and clients in different countries and different time zones. Projects evolve now at a faster pace and consultant teams need to adjust quickly when budgets change and operational parameters affect downstream feasibility proformas and design & construction timelines. We thrive in these environments.

We love to collaborate with talented and passionate people.

The collaboration with the entire design team is one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of each project. This creative process is a combination of different experiences, attitudes, and talents, and in the end the project is always better for the differing points of view. In addition, we often are working on projects in developing countries or economies, and our experience allows us to consider these cultural and logistic challenges on every project.

Information and ideas are being exchanged worldwide at an exponential rate, seemingly in lockstep with Moore’s Law (1965). People are working from remote locations on projects around the world in real time on the internet. The time spent together in person, collaborating and working together to solve design problems is critical and necessary.

Working with talented people fosters a dynamic design process that brings out the best in projects and the people involved. We love working with architects, developers, interior design professionals, landscape architects, lighting designers, structural engineers, illustrators, contractors, artists, project managers, old-world craftsmen, farmers, welders, you name it. We’re not picky about who we work with or who we can learn from.

40NORTH has extensive experience in both large and small hospitality environments, from large conceptual master planning and site engineering exercises to the design of the most intricately detailed aspect of each of these outdoor spaces. We have experience working in over 20 countries on 5 continents, and most of our projects are with repeat clients who engage us as they are planning their next big thing.

Right now we are working on projects in the US, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Oman, and the Bahamas. It’s been a very busy start to the year and we’re excited about the projects coming out of the ground currently and in the pre-construction stages. We have a lot of enthusiasm and momentum built up for the next 10 years.



[photo intro - selected projects]
                                         In October 2014, the One&Only The Palm was voted by Conde Nast’s readers as the #1 luxury hotel in Africa and the Middle East, and #11 luxury hotel in the world. It is the gold standard for resort hotels in Dubai, and is the flagship of the One&Only brand. We’ve never worked harder or had more fun on any of our projects.

Who We Support

Traditionally most of our work has been on projects in foreign countries rather than the US, and that requires travel by air for almost every project we work on. As far as our carbon footprint is concerned, this is a challenge.

40NORTH has tried to become a carbon neutral company from year one – we are not. In the past we have purchased carbon credits to offset our carbon footprints, but ultimately we just do the best we can with what we have. We have planted hardwood saplings by the hundreds on the farm, we recycle everything we can, we collect rainwater, and we don’t drive to work choosing rather to walk through the garden. We travel when the project requires it and we try to be as efficient with our schedules as much as possible when scheduling international travel.

We have donated our time and money towards local NGO entities in the regions we work, and have also donated to charities such as reStart, Hillcrest, the Upper Egypt Fund, Native Energy, and OxFam. We clean up miles and miles of rural Missouri highway each year. The contributions change every year and are dependent upon many factors including time, money, and overall impact of the gift. These modest time and financial contributions are the very least that we can do as a professional practice, and we make them an integral part of our overall business plan.


We’re pioneers, not settlers.

We’re Pioneers, not settlers.

At 40NORTH we place an emphasis on creating environments that evolve and improve with time.

We consider ourselves to be merely caretakers of the land, intent to improve it and pass it on to the next generation. Being from the Midwest United States, most of us are products of the men and women who came to this country from other worlds. They didn’t sit behind computer monitors in khakis for 8 hours a day, they worked with their hands and shaped the world around them. 100 years ago men had many jobs rather than just one occupation. Those are the people we identify with, and this consideration was one of the primary reasons we left the corporate world and opted to forge our own way and explore new territory. 

In addition to problem-solving new and existing landscapes, our appreciation of history urges us to consider long-term effects of the environment and climate on the landscape from a larger or longer lens perspective. We refuse to be boxed-in and to classify ourselves as a company that does this-or-that. We accept change as it comes: one day on a job site in Cairo and 2 days later repairing fence on the farm. We prefer it this way. We work hard to define our role and our scope of work in each project, and this determination is a quality that sets us apart from our competitors and peers. When this work ethic is combined with creativity, experience, and a collaborative design process, the results are typically exceptional.


John Galloway
Managing & Creative Director

18475 Lober Road
Weston, Missouri 64098
United States of America
+1 (954) 376 0215


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